All it takes is one minute and you will feel your entire body loosen up and relax. Follow this video at the end of a long day, after a workout or any time you are feeling tightness in your muscles

The Feel It? Heal It! Stretch & Mobilization Program

This chapter takes you through a proven, quick, easy-to-do stretch and mobilization sequence that opens your body and mind to facilitate maximal healing. You’ll learn why stretching is so incredibly good for you and suggestions for the best times of day to do it. Here’s the really good news: stretching is one of the easiest, most effective things you can do to improve your wellness. It’s also free, safe and a truly wonderful start to your day since stretching reconnects your mind with your body, enhancing that all important Mind-Body connection in the process.

Stretching Increases Vitality

Why is it that stretching improves our vitality?

Your Central Nervous System, the main information highway between your brain and your body, runs right through your spine. Opening that channel so that information can flow more freely between your brain and body enhances all of your abilities, making you function at a higher level.

Blood flow, nervous system flow, digestive system function, emotional tension…everything responds beneficially when you stretch out and release the ‘kinks’ in your body.