Do you Suffer from Back Pain?

Please Note: Dr. Cohen’s book Feel It? Heal It! contains an empowering special section devoted to back pain sufferers. Specific stretches and mobilization exercises are highlighted with unique insight into the root causes of common back pain. Specific healing techniques are also illustrated. The following is an excerpt: Understand that no treatment can reverse the … Read more

Computer Use and acuProducts

Acuballing while you compute does three important things: Improves posture effortlessly Relieves pain Boosts productivity Thousands of people use their Acuball to relieve pain and tension while they compute. Watch these videos to find out how. Dr. Cohen’s Computer Stretches To Relieve Pain What Computers Do to Your Body Please note: Dr. Cohen‘s book … Read more

The acuBall Story

Today’s acuBall is the 81st generation. Our industry leading self-healing performance is no accident – it’s the result of continuous dedication to research Try it once – use it forever. This is Dr. Cohen’s account of how the acuBall came to be I had a frustrating experience with shoulder pain that no one I went … Read more

World Healing Traditions

Dr. Cohen has always been keenly interested in studying the mechanisms behind healing. Always asking the question: “What actually happens when we heal?” His first hand experiences with different healing traditions around the world including China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Tibet and the Amazon have helped to create the unique insights behind his healing strategies.