Body Healing Effects

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You now have an understanding of how the acuBall works on a physical level but it also has a beneficial effect on a much deeper level: it teaches you to reconnect your mind with your body. As you lie on or lean against the acuBall your mind naturally tunes into the sensations it feels in your body. Instead of focussing on external issues like finances or kids, your mind focusses back within yourself.This ‘inner focus’ is considered to be an essential ingredient in generating true healing power (as both western research and thousands of years of eastern healing tradition have shown).

Most of us are so preoccupied with life that we don’t listen to our body until it’s already in pain. The acuBall was developed as a self-healing tool to allow people to focus and work on themselves, activating their own healing powers in the process. 2500 year old Chinese Yin-Yang philosophy tells us that when our mind and body are used in perfect balance we function at our highest level. With each acuBall session you do more and more body awareness develops, resulting in an all-important shift towards greater mind-body balance and health.

Enhance the Effectiveness of Any Professional Care You Receive

If you are currently receiving professional healthcare, use your acuBall as a valuable self-healing tool to compliment and enhance your treatments. The acuBall will help to release tight muscles and joints further improving your body’s natural return to health.

Ask your therapist which areas you would benefit from acuBalling and combine their advice with your own explorations to design a self-treatment program that’s right for you.