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Heatable acuKit Deluxe (Special offer)

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My physical therapist works with the Washington Nationals and recommended I buy the acuProducts. I’ve used many different products for my hip, back, feet and shoulder issues (I’m an OR nurse) so I was interested to see what these could do. I am writing to tell you how much I love these! The heat is outstanding! Very soothing and the acuProducts obviously had a lot of design work put into them because they are by far the best self-care tools I’ve experienced. I use them daily. My son, daughter and husband all steal them from me on a regular basis. Every family should have these. They have already paid for themselves many times over in reducing our Chiropractor and massage bills.
~Denise White, Boston

Incredible Value!

Get the Complete acuProduct line

All the tools you’ll need to release tightness and pain in every part of your body, sit straighter and improve comfort while driving or travelling.

The acuKit Deluxe includes:

  1. The acuBall, which is truly wonderful for releasing tight muscles and joints in the neck, low back, hips and legs. It’s patented design is HEATABLE and can be used directly behind your back to release spinal tension.
  2. The smaller acuBall-mini which works wonders on the smaller muscles of the feet, arms and upper back.
  3. The versatile acuBack which outperforms any foam roller giving you deeper penetration and is far easier to use.
  4. Set of two acuPads providing incredible relaxation and release for your low- and mid-back, and neck.


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