I have found Dr. Cohen’s acuBall to be a fantastic tool for helping to eliminate trigger points and muscular adhesions. When used daily the acuBall is a simple and effective way to improve your flexibility, decrease your recovery between workouts or competitions and ultimately improve your performance.

Matt Nichol

Strength and Conditioning Coach
Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club

Dr. Michael Cohen’s acuBall is an excellent tool for clinicians and their patients to utilize in the management of myofascial disorders and associated pain syndromes. It can be quite beneficial for either clinical use or as a part of a patient’s home-care program. The fact that it can be heated only increases the potential benefit and usage. Congratulations to Dr. Cohen on inventing this ingenious device.

Craig E. Morris, DC, DACRB, CSCS

  • Board Certified, Chiropractic Rehabilitation, American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board
  • Professor of Clinical Sciences, Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles
  • Fellow & Manual Medicine and Manipulation Committee Chairman, American Back Society
  • Editor – Low Back Syndromes: Integrated Clinical Management (McGraw-Hill, 2006)

Dr. Cohen’s acuBall is excellent when used on a daily basis to complement traditional treatment and maximize benefits for a longer period of time…therefore improving overall performance.

Paul Papoutsakis, CAT(C) Company Athletic Therapist

The National Ballet of Canada

I love the acuBall. I travel 320 days a year and the acuBall is really amazing at loosening my upper back and shoulders for me. I can use it anywhere and anytime to give me relief and it’s so easy to use.

Lang Lang

Master Concert Pianist