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The acuBall has been one of my go-to solutions for neck and lower back pain since I discovered it about two and a half years ago during my restorative yoga practice.

~ Fashion Savage

When I received the acuProducts for review I thought the price would have been much higher as they all felt like such high-quality products, but the price is quite reasonable. The acuProducts takes only minutes to heat up, and stays hot for a really long time! I was surprised at how it held the heat and how hot it was after taking it out of the microwave and thinking it hardly got hot!The acuProducts are great for anyone looking for relief from regular pain, to improve posture, and athletes who are looking for a step up from the standard foam rolling and massage ball routine. I really like the acuProducts, the regular acuBall and acuBall mini see a lot of regular use, and the acuPads see use when I’m relaxing and lounging.The two big advantages the acuProducts have over other massage therapy products is the ability to hold intense heat for long durations, and the fact that all of these components of the system are designed to work together. When you purchase the whole system you have relief for your entire body, and there’s no mix-matching of different balls, massagers, etc. to find the perfect set for you – it’s already here and ready to work to heal you

~ Ryan Gains Gain Bible
Soft music in the background. Essential oils in the air. Ivan, your masseur, gently kneads your back. Your mind begins to drift. Hey, what’s with the butterfly fingers? Harder … harder … c’mon, girly man, harder. When it comes to tension relief, you require a serious set of balls. Or at least some acuBalls.
~ Ball Buster Daily Candy
On our personal list of most often quoted Jerry Maguire lines, “Help me, help you” is right up there with “Show me the money.” Active Image When we began using the acuBall ($30) and its pint-sized partner, the Mini ($20), we immediately thought: If these balls could talk, this would be the dialogue they’d deliver. Invented by Canadian chiropractor Dr. Cohen, the round, knobby tools are designed to let the user help in their own healing process.
~ Help Yourself Chatelaine
I have reviewed literally hundreds of products here at dkM, and there have been some fantastic products that I’ve had the opportunity to test. Occasionally, though, something gets bumped into the “lifechanging” category. Sometimes something comes along that I don’t ever want to do without again. I’m talking about the acuBall System. Hard as it may seem to believe, after one single try on my lower back area, my pain was gone. I felt much like I do after a visit to my chiropractor…as long as I use the acuBall daily (I use mine 2 – 3 times or more because it helps so much), I have no back pain. I don’t even wake up in pain anymore. My neck is a similar situation, and although this area requires more attention, the problem is under control now. For the first time ever, the adjustments my chiropractor makes are staying in place. I’m doing much better – far better than I thought possible for me – now that I can heal myself with a little time and my acuBall. – Diane Kidman –
~ The Best Product I've Ever Reviewed-Ever??? dkMommy Spot


Practise a little self-healing with the acuBall. Conceived by a chiropractor and acupuncturist, this nubbly fist-sized rubber ball uses pressure and heat (oh yes, ladies, it’s heatable) to ease tension in your back, shoulders, neck or just about anywhere you rub it. And if it soothes the aches and pains of burly NHL players and the National Ballet of Canada dancers, we bet it’ll work wonders on yours.”

If you’re in need of a massage, but there’s no time for an appointment, try the heatable acuBall, designed by Dr. Michael A. Cohen, a Toronto chiropractor. With the ball between you and the wall, or you and floor, it’s tiny nodules massage and loosen your tight sore muscles. You’re in charge of where and how much pressure you need to apply. (Take it from dancers at the National Ballet of Canada and the Toronto Maple Leafs; it’s replaced the tennis and golf balls they normally rely upon for quick muscle relief). The acuBall Kit.”

If toiling away at your desk feels like backbreaking work, try the acuBall ($60; Nuke the softball-sized orb for 50 seconds, then place it between your lower back and chair. Bumps on the ball’s surface activte pain-relieving acupressure points while heat soothes your tense muscles. Our tester claimed it even improved her posture: a major back-pain stopper.”

“I sit at a desk way too much, so it’s no won-der I have a perpetually stiff neck and sore hips. I was at the gym one day and saw a guy laying on a little blue ball with spikes. He told me it works wonders for smaller muscle groups, including the upper back, forearms, feet and hands (mine ache from typing all day). That was five years ago and l use my little blue AcuBall that fits in the palm of my hand to work out nagging kinks every week, including standing on it to re-lieve arthritis in my feet. It goes in the car for long trips and I have an extra one that goes in my carry-on for long-haul flights.”
– GAYLE MacDONALD (The Globe and Mail)