AcuProducts Classes

AcuProducts classes are taught by a wide range of fitness and clinical facilities adding sought after self-healing depth to existing class schedules (acuProducts classes bring people in who would never normally come to a studio).

Many facilities incorporate the acuProducts into existing classes as well. RESTORATIVE classes of all types are a large and growing market segment. The acuProducts fits seamlessly into these classes generating excellent studio buzz and consistent acuProducts sales.

acuProducts classes are generally 1 hour long focussing on specific areas of the body or dealing with specific strain patterns like computer use.

Here’s a short list of the many classes we offer:

  1. Whole Body Energizer
  2. The Truth of the Front of Your Body
  3. Computer Survival
  4. Pre-Post Natal
  5. Sports Performance
  6. Organ System Release

Fitness Professionals

Fitness professionals from all disciplines (Yoga/Pilates, personal trainers, athletic therapists, etc.) rave about the acuProducts’s ability to release tight muscle and joint segments improving motion and enhancing performance 100% naturally.

A number of professional sports teams have integrated the acuProducts into their team training programs empowering players to better look after themselves and saving the team therapist’s hands!

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