Corporate Computer Wellness Seminars

How many of your employees spend their day under stress, hunched forward at their computer?

The toll this takes on company morale, productivity, direct health care costs and workplace errors is staggering. Government sources and Occupational Health & Safety journals all agree that workplace computer wellness is a necessity.

acuProducts Computer Wellness Seminars are 1.5 hours long, given either live or via computer. The result of over 20 years of clinical experience and continuous research by Dr. Cohen, these seminars go right to the heart of the problem with a review of the anatomic and physiological changes computer users suffer and a strong experiential component that gets participants self-treating common tight spots with their acuProducts right away.

Participants finish the seminar educated, motivated and feeling the difference in their bodies first-hand.

Participants learn:

  1. The 3 essential body positions of healthy computing.
  2. Specific acuProducts self-treatment protocols for low back, neck & shoulder pain relief.
  3. How to reduce eye strain and improve long term vision.
  4. What happens to our organ systems, spine & muscles when we slouch.
  5. Proven 60 second Computer Stretch breaks that boost productivity.
  6. Stress reduction techniques inherent in acuProducts use.

acuProducts Computer Wellness seminars are consistently rated above 90th percentile in participant satisfaction with clients ranging from cornerstone financial institutions to government.

Dr. Cohen’s acuProducts Computer wellness seminars have been extremely popular with our staff who consistently rate it highly and ask for more! We’ve taken the program across the country and the results are the same – people want and need this information. The fact that we are empowering our employees to be pro-active and take care of themselves is the key. The acuProducts have become a staple go to for our staff saving us on many, many levels. Definitely a must in today’s workplace.

K. Ward, HSBC

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