Training for Health Professionals

AcuProducts Training CEs – Chiro/Physio/Massage (CMTO 2.5 CEs, NCBTMB 5 CEs)

Education and inspiration to empower your clients and yourself:

1 hour online video training with Dr. Cohen OR 5 hour LIVE online training with certified acuProducts trainers – CMTO 2.5 CEs, NCBTMB 5 CEs.

Professionals who learn proper acuProducts techniques improve treatment results, save their hands and empower their clients. They also learn to take care of their own bodies – something most health professionals neglect. A bonus is the creation of an ethical revenue stream as acuProducts sell extremely well.

We offer two different training options:

  1. 1 hour online training with Dr. Cohen, the creator of the acuProducts – CMTO 0.5 CE, NCBTMB 1 CE. The cost is $29.99 USD. Purchase the video and watch online. A certificate is issued upon completion of the 1 hour training and a quiz.
  2. Online training is done in 2 sessions lasting 2.5 hours each (this training can also be experienced live in Toronto, Canada). Cost is $495 USD. A certificate is issued upon completion of the 5 hour course enabling your facility to officially run and advertise acuProducts Therapy Classes. Email us for more information and training dates.

The acuProducts have been called a “…revolutionary healing tool”, because it taps into the body’s innate ability to heal itself at minimum cost. You’ll be amazed at the healing results people generate and they will be grateful to you for empowering them!

acuProducts training teaches you powerful treatment protocols that have evolved over 15 years of clinical experience.

You’ll learn specific techniques for releasing tight muscle, connective tissue and joint segments 100% naturally. You will learn the history of the acuProducts and the specific anatomic and physiologic reasons why the acuProducts work as well as it does. A special computer release section that is invaluable to today’s practitioner is also included.

You’ll also be taught common experiential issues that come up when teaching classes/ individuals that make all the difference in a successful acuProducts experience. Our ethical business model enables you to help others and yourself making it a win for everyone.

Today’s health consumer is looking for empowerment.

The acuProducts fit that need perfectly.

Best of all you’ll learn how to tune into your own body on a whole new level and take care of yourself!

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