The acuBall Story

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I had a frustrating experience with shoulder pain that no one I went to seemed to be able to pin point. The really frustrating part was that I could feel exactly where the problem was, but couldn’t reach it with my fingers to treat it. In desperation I started lying on and prodding myself with all kinds of different objects in an attempt to ‘get into’ the spot I needed to release.

Eventually, I tried a ball I had lying around and found that it did indeed work – lying on the ball eased my shoulder pain. I completely forgot about the entire incident until about six months later when a patient, who was going on a business trip, asked me to fix his problem quickly. After examining him and realizing that he had too much tightness for me to release in the short time before he left, I remembered the ball I’d used and told him to try it out. He returned a week later and to my surprise, he had managed to work down a significant portion of his muscle tightness with twenty minutes of ‘ball work’ a day.

I started trying the technique with other patients and was impressed with how well it worked. Within a year I had expanded the practice so that almost every patient I saw was using it. Over time however, it became apparent that there were a lot of limitations to the effectiveness of the procedure due to the size and shape of the ball I had been using (which was designed for sports not healing).

I couldn’t stop thinking about the potential healing benefits a properly designed product – one made specifically for healing – would have.

I literally tossed and turned many nights away considering everything that would need to go into a project of this magnitude. Then, one January morning on a roof-top in Morocco, I made the decision to try and create the perfect ‘self-treatment massage ball.’ Thus started the long, many times frustrating, road of endlessly researching, experimenting, designing, testing and redesigning the different prototype materials, sizes and configurations of the acuBall. Various balls of different shapes and sizes began a non-stop parade through my office.

Working with a dedicated team of designers and engineers, and of course my wonderful patients whose feedback proved indispensable, my home and office were soon filled with ‘weird balls’ (as my friends used to say), and I had a second full time job as a product developer.

The acuBall you now own is the 80th generation of its kind, the end result of many years of laboratory and clinical research and testing.

Easy, Effective & Safe

My goal when I set out was to create a new generation of self-healing tool that was totally safe, easy to use and truly effective. Please note that your acuBall is hypoallergenic and completely non-toxic should your child or dog ever get a hold of it! It is filled with simple distilled water which acts as a heating medium.

I wanted to make a tool that really got into the tight spots and worked them open. Too many other muscle and pain relief products work by covering up the signals your body sends you from these tight spots with another sensation, like electrical currents or cooling gels. These may decrease the pain, but often don’t get to the root of the problem at all.

The acuBall doesn’t just cover up muscle and joint pain, it gets right into tight spots and, in combination with your mind’s focus and breath work, begins the releasing process necessary to help tight congested areas open and heal as much as possible.

The acuBall works in unison with the natural healing powers of your body

When people start using the acuBall they are amazed by how many tight, congested spots they have that they never realized were there. The same thing will happen to you: you’ll feel areas that you didn’t even know were tight. acuBalling will tune you into the real story of what’s going on in your body.

This is important because it enables you to work on existing chronic areas that you already know about, as well as tight spots you weren’t even aware of, which if left untreated could develop into problem areas further down the road. acuBalling is like holding up a mirror to your body allowing you to see where tight, congested areas are.

Use your acuBall to complement & enhance any professional care you receive

Use your acuBall to complement & enhance any professional muscle & joint care you receive. Ask your therapist which areas you would get the most benefit from acuBalling and combine their answers with your own explorations to design a self-treatment program that’s right for you. Work as a team with your therapist.

Without a doubt the combination of therapist’s clinical work and patient’s self-healing work generates far better results than either one working alone.

acuBall Anywhere, Anytime

Because it’s light and portable you can put your acuBall in your purse or travel bag and take it anywhere you need it – home, office, plane, gym, hiking trip, anywhere.

You can literally use it anytime and anywhere you like. For a great start to your day, try acuBalling from the bottom of your spine up to the base of your neck for 15 minutes. After a heavy day, try acuBalling your neck in bed for a wonderful de-stressing relaxer. Whether it’s one in the afternoon or one in the morning, the acuBall ‘office’ is always open. No waiting rooms or parking lots to deal with either!