Dr. Cohen’s Computer Survival Kit

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Do you work at a computer?

How is your body feeling???

That’s why Dr. Cohen created the Computer Survival Kit.  Place the acuBack behind your spine and one acuPad under each buttock – notice how you are now sitting up straight with zero effort?  Your neck, upper back, lower back and shoulders are all properly aligned and all you have to do is sit!

Incredibly valuable for anyone that spends time on a computer.  You can also use your acuBack and acuPads for all of the other amazing things they do – from releasing tight legs to naturally enhancing sleep

Enhances the value of any professional care you receive & reduces need for treatment saving you time, money and pain.

We are truly the guinea pig generation – the first to use computers on a daily basis and the first to have endemic repetitive strain issues. Dr. Cohen’s Computer Survival Kit makes a big difference in the way you feel at the end of the day and helps to improve productivity.

Since you are now properly aligned your neck, shoulders, back and arms have significantly less strain – all 100% naturally – for years to come. Enhances the value of any professional care you receive making you need less treatment overall.

Includes Dr. Cohen’s 7 Essentials of Healthy Computing, a link to Dr. Cohen’s specially designed stretches for Computer Users plus the HEATABLE acuBack and acuPads (set of 2).

Educate your children on proper computer posture as well by giving them the tools to sit straight and feel great!

  • Dr. Cohen’s HEATABLE acuBack
  • Dr. Cohen’s HEATABLE acuPads (set of 2)
  • The 7 Essentials of Healthy Computing
  • Link to Dr. Cohen’s Special Computer Stretches

1 review for Dr. Cohen’s Computer Survival Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5



    Simply amazing how simple this is and how GREAT it feels. Blew me away. I noticed after using it for only a few days my chronic neck, back and shoulder pain had markedly improved. I’m now addicted to this and will not use my computer without it. FANTASTIC PRODUCT.

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