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I’ve had the acuback for over two years now – it is my go to when my low back is sore. Of all the back relief products I’ve bought over the years this is the best. It gets my pain & stiffness out while I lie in bed and I sleep much better. Thank you Dr. Cohen!

~Clara Dumont, Montreal

The acuBack includes:

  1. The acuBack’s patented HEATABLE design keeps you sitting upright and effectively releases back, neck, leg, thigh and hand tension making you feel better 100% naturally.
  2. Easy start guide to get you feeling better right away.
  3. Heating tag

Zero effort required – works using your own body weight for 3 minutes – find a spot and let your body ‘melt’ over the acuBack’s technologically advanced design.

The acuBack is an incredibly versatile self-care tool that naturally relieves muscle and joint pain, enhances athletic performance and improves posture.

Wonderful for proper sitting posture enabling you to sit upright almost effortlessly – essential for computer use, car & plane travel.

Outperforms any foam roller

  • The acuBack’s technologically advanced HEATABLE design has just the right amount of give for your body to relax, provides deeper penetration and is far easier to use – just find the right spot and let your body melt into the patented HEATABLE design for 3 minutes. No need to roll or body plank (which tightens muscles & fires your nervous system blocking deep release).
  • Use your heated acuBack in bed at the end of a hard day to sooth and relax you.
  • Feels amazing in your lower & mid back as well as behind your shoulder blade. Helps release tight ribs.

Incredible for legs

  • Releases shin splints, quads, hamstrings, t.f.l./i.t.b. and calves from body weight alone – no effort required.
  • Don’t forget to use the small nibs on the end of your acuBack to release scalp & head tension.
  • Quality construction lasts for years. Water filled, latex free & hypo-allergenic.
  • Heatable by microwaving for 90 seconds (on heat ring – included) or boiling for 12 minutes – provides 1.5 hours + of soothing heat.
  • Use our Click Where You Hurt feature on this website and/or download the acuProduct APP (Android, iPhone) for FREE full video instructions.

18 reviews for Heatable acuBack


    Simply Superb!

    I purchased this product to go along with the Accuball – and find they make a superb set for working tension, knots, aches and stress out of every muscle, tendon and ligament in your body. I have spent years in pain as a result of a lower-back condition which had also impacted many muscles and ligaments. Combined with a high-stress job which requires up to 9 hrs. a day in front of a computer – I was hurting. After the first session, I noticed a big difference. Now, after three weeks of daily use, I am pain free for the first time in a decade. No medications, no anything special – just a focus on working on all my major muscle groups, spine and hips with the Accuback and Accuball. These are truly incredible products – – thanks so much for giving me back my life!

  2. Auntie

    I love the idea of this system

    I am really disappointed that this system did not work for me, but I really appreciate the idea of it. I am returning my product, but I would certainly recommend this to others. To have something that offers pain relief without medication is amazing – it just didn’t work for the particular problem I have. I will likely try the other set with the acuballs, as the bonus ball in this package made me realize that would be a better system for me.

  3. Boldone

    Really Helped Me – definitely recommend

    My sweet husband bought this for my birthday!!! I think he got sick of hearing me complain : ) I sit a lot driving to work and then at work at my computer which was causing a lot of back, leg and shoulder pain. I started to use the Acuback on my commutes in and out of the city and it really helped reduce my back pain. I LOVE THE HEAT – it feels so nice to heat it up then put it behind my back. I also like lying with it under my neck. Very relaxing. I use it the most at work when I’m at my computer. I move it around like the instructions say going to different parts of my back. Feels really nice. It definitely helped to reduce my back pain and when I put it under my leg it helped with my leg cramping. I love the mini ball for my hands because they get pretty tight from typing all day. I also use the mini under my feet while I’m working which feels great. Overall great product – thank you Shopping Channel for bringing this into my life!

  4. Dave Silver

    Everyone on a computer NEEDS this!!!!

    I sit at a computer all day and have upper back, neck and low back soreness. Sometimes if I’ve been working long hours I get headaches as well on the left side of my skull. Since I started using the Acuback my normally slumping posture has totally changed – and so have my pains – theyve gone down by at least 70-80%. I must say I am impressed. Normally things I buy aren’t that great. What a pleasure to feel good again – the Acuback is a rare find.

  5. Sofia

    It completes the Acuball

    The lenght is so convenient for working on both side of your back at the same time but the center is too slim. It cannot replace the Acuball but it completes it.

  6. Carol

    Not neck in neck with regular Acuball

    I use an Acuball occasionally for some neck deterioration. The regular Acuball is enjoyable but I thought I might prefer this one due to the increased length but I find the centre part is too slim (I may try wrapping a cloth around it but would rather not to have to bother). I think this area should at least be close to the regular Acuball height(which could actually be 1/2 inch higher in my opinion). Placing a small book under it isn’t of much help and is a nuisance. Maybe it needs a different design for those who mainly want it for the neck. Unfortunately due to the increased length of it it also does not warm up as well as the regular Acuball and I may risk keeping it in the micro for 10 seconds longer.

  7. sparks

    Like this system used on my joints.

    Used on my wrist in cold weather,relaxes the muscles in my neck. Very soothing. Certainly help sore muscles and joints.

  8. Bornwinner

    I would refer this product to everyone

    I’ve been in dreadful pain after being involved in 2 rear endings in the last 2 years. As a result of an MRI, it showed C1.L4,L5 and S1 injury. I’ve been going to a chiropractor for treatment which had responded very well, but it gets too expensive so I thought that I’d try Dr, Cohen’s system. The first night was the best sleep that I’ve had in 2 years.My husband LOVES the miniball on his feet as he’s a mechanic and works 10 -12 hour shifts standing on concrete. He was ecstatic after rolling his feet on it the first day. The second day, I noticed that the numbness in my feet were starting to disappear. I had questions so I forwarded an email to Dr. Cohen which he answered immediately and then spoke to me directly to further help. Each day is better than the next and now we both can get out of bed without pain in our backs or feet. Thank you so much. I have been showing everyone this awesome but the easiest of products I’ve ever had.

  9. Genevieve

    Awesome Relief!

    I have the previous kit, and I truly enjoy it, bit this one is much easier to use in the neck, since the groove is wider, it is easier to place it on the side of the spine. I think the two different types of pressure points each side of the groove is a very nice addition, I alternate between both, and get a great relief on any tensions. The heat is very good and nice. Love the Minis is use them mainly to massage my feet, they are a great bonus, Thak you Doctor Cohen and TSC!

  10. Brandon

    Love these

    I bought 2 of these – one for work and one for home. I use it on my chair at work. At home, I use it on my pillow when I go to bed. I love these. I also use the small balls for my feet. I have a very tense neck and shoulders and this really helps.

  11. Linda

    Works as promised

    I have the acuball as well and really like it but I think the acuback fits the small of the back so much better due to the longer shape. I like the way it nestles under the neck and the fact that you can heat it up is the icing on the cake. The minis give a great foot massage.

  12. pattimck

    Returned Both Sets

    After reading the precautions I returned product. I really wish that the precautions would be emphatically stated periodically on the program. Very disappointed. I did try using it but found it extremely painful.

  13. John the Architect

    Compliments AcuBall System

    I own an AcuBall and needed something similar but with a different shape. The AcuBack fits the bill nicely and can be used satisfactorily to treat other areas besides the back. Glad I tried it!

  14. Terence (verified owner)

    Love this for my long car rides.

    The heat has been great for my sore lower back and I really enjoy the acuBack in bed at the end of a long day as well.

  15. Jinx

    Good Product

    Purchased the Acuball kit a few years ago and I cannot live without them. Ended up in buying a single small ball for my mother a couple years ago which she loves. I needed this kit for back and neck care – for the days when I cannot see my Chiro or Massage Therapist (BTW, the Acuballs are sold at their office too). This product gives good release and relief to the back and the neck. I also like using the nubby flat side to press & twist into my palms – feels great! The little ball is for under my feet only – talk about a heavenly feeling when you place it on the floor under foot in front of a chair and you roll it around using a little pressure.

  16. Adelina

    Instant Pain Relief

    I was hesitate about ordering this because I already have the Acuball! I developed a stiff neck which would not go away … later a twitch in my eye … unsure if the two are related … because of my severe fatigue my Doctor was hesitate about giving me a RX for a muscle relaxant … instead she suggested massage therapy … expensive! I thought I would order the Acuback instead … wow, after 2 treatments with the Acuback, my neck has regained it’s entire range of motion again without any stiffness … I actually fell asleep with my neck resting on it the second session! Instant pain relief without any drugs. I am totally grateful to Dr Cohen for inventing this product. BTW, I had to adjust the height with a towel to fight under my neck … a minor factor. Thank-you TSC!

  17. Chari

    I am addicted to this

    I have the original acuball. I read reviews that this is a good compliment to the ball. Well, i’m finding i use this just as much! It has more surface area so you can use it for large areas. I don’t use it on my spine, but on my back, the back of my calves, and thighs. I love this thing, and i sleep with it. It’s doesn’t give the deep pressure the taller ball does, but it doesn’t matter, IT WORKS. This is the greatest invention for muscles!

  18. SUE

    Must Try

    I purchased this Acuball for my mother who has suffered from lower back problems for many years and was complaining about her pain to me all the time until I seen this product on TSC, read so many great reviews that I had to have her try it. She loves this product. It relievs her back pains and she uses it on a daily basis. Very simple to use, just pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds and the heat lasts for hours…great product!

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