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Heatable acuPads (set of 2)

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I love these heated acupads! What a difference these have made in my posture when I sit at a computer or on the couch watching TV. No more slouching and my back actually stopped hurting at the end of my 10 hour computer days. Love these on car trips as well. At the end of a long day I put one acupad under my neck and one under my mid back at the same time while lying in bed – heavenly!
~Sarah Kursen, Los Angeles

Your HEATABLE acuPads (set of 2) are the product of 15 years of research and clinical experience. Great for relaxation and light muscle & joint release these self-care tools work on an wide variety of body parts to soothe you 100% naturally. Use your acuPads in bed, on a chair, in the bath, while travelling or on a carpeted floor/yoga mat. Be creative – the possibilities are endless!

Here are a few examples of the many ways to use your acuPads – but feel free to experiment – your body’s innate intelligence will guide you to what works best.

1) Relaxation: place acuPads where needed & relax for at least 3 minutes (some people spend hours!) letting the weight of your body do the work. No effort is required. Many people drift off to notably deeper sleep with their acuPads underneath them.

2) Improve sitting posture: place 1 acuPad under each buttock on chair OR place acuPads horizontally behind your back aligning your spine with the recessed groove running across the acuPad called the Spine Align Belt.

3) Relieve sore feet: stand on your acuPads using them at room temperature – this makes them much harder – some people prefer this harder sensation for releasing tight feet. Others love the softer feel that happens when you heat your acuPads.

4) Light Spinal Release: while lying down in bed or on a carpet or yoga mat place one acuPad under your neck and the other under your low back or mid back. Center the Spine Align Belt (recessed groove running across acuPad) anywhere throughout your spine. The combination of using two acuPads together relaxes your nervous system allowing your spine to release. Relax for a full 3 minutes in each spot but feel free to spend as long as you need.

5) Period Pain Relief: lying on your front place both heated acuPads underneath your pelvis and stomach areas adjusting as needed. Relax and deep breathe letting the soothing heat sensation penetrate and relax the area.

6) Hand Warmers: heat them up and take them anywhere you go.

Comes as a set of 2 so you can use them under different areas of your body or spine at the same time.

Incredible for relaxation and release.

Feels heavenly in a chair, in bed or on a yoga mat/carpeted floor.

Amazing for proper sitting posture at the computer or in Yoga class.

Sit straighter reducing low back strain by placing one acuPad under each buttock – this alters pelvic mechanics making you sit upright with zero effort.

If you are a computer user combine the acuPads under your buttocks with the acuBack behind your spine for incredible neutral sitting posture – ergonomic nirvana!

Truly soothing for relieving period pain cramps.

A 100% natural sleep aid!

  • To encourage deeper sleep place one under your neck and another under your mid-back to relax your central nervous system.
  • Durable construction lasts for years. Water filled, latex free & hypoallergenic.
  • HEATABLE by microwaving both acuPads for 3.5 minutes or boiling for 12 minutes – provides 2.5 hours + of soothing heat.
  • No need to fill or empty ever. You will never use a hot water bottle or heating pad again!
  • Use our Click Where You Hurt feature on this website and/or download the acuProduct APP (Android, iPhone) for FREE full video instructions.

10 reviews for Heatable acuPads (set of 2)

  1. Nina Sherman

    Natural pain relief. Natural sleep aid.

    I honestly did not believe these statements but bought the acupads anyhow to try them. I have now bought these for all my friends. Excellent product and great idea.

  2. Peter Winston

    I found these at my in laws who swear by them and use them for their back stiffness.

    The heat feels really, really nice. Very soothing. I am impressed with how long the heat lasts. Nice to have under my sore buttocks after a long day at the office.

  3. Sheri Pasternak

    Very happy with this purchase.

    Excellent heating feeling that helps me all over my body. At first I was concerned because they felt hard out of the package. Once you heat them they become soft and nice to use. I also take them in my car to help with long rides.

  4. Amy Thrimast

    Great product that is high quality.

    I use them daily as I have problems falling asleep.

  5. Anton Constantine

    My Chiropractor recommended I try the acupads for my back pain as I have pretty bad damage following a car accident.

    They feel so good and are so easy to use. I often take them to bed as they also help me sleep.

  6. Jason Helfenbaum

    As a computer guy I needed something to help my back pain.

    These acupads are great. They hold the heat for hours and feel really supportive making me sit up straighter when I work. I also like them under my feet.

  7. Tina Wheeler

    I love my acupads.

    Put them on my seat everyday when I’m at my computer and it feels fantastic. My low back has improved because of these. Definitely good value.

  8. Anne Terrimore

    Arthritis reliever extra-ordinaire!

    I use this every day for my achy hands and back. It is really easy to use and I love the heat so much. These have made my life better. Thank you so much Dr. Cohen for making these.

  9. Terence

    My chiro recommended I try these for my back and I was quite skeptical.

    Well I was pleasantly surprised that they worked so well for me. having a long history of back pain I didn’t believe they would help but they do.
    The Heat is really wonderful and I find I fall asleep with them feeling good.

  10. James

    Five Stars


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